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Insect repellents that WORK and SMELL GOOD!

18 Jan '15

Buggins, Original BuggSpray & BuggSlayer - By far the best insect repellent line

Once you've used Buggins, BuggSpray Brand or BuggSlayer Brand Insect Repellents, you'll never want anything else!

Once you've used Buggins, BuggSpray Brand or BuggSlayer Brand Insect Repellents, you'll never want anything else!
Bugg Products LLC
This spring and summer, there should be one more thing you never leave home without. From now on, you’ll never have to stress about being aggravated outdoors or held back from enjoying the outdoors because of bugs… or because you don’t like applying bug spray to your skin! Thanks to the Original BuggSpray Products and BuggSlayer Brands, you can kick back, camp out, fish, hike, bike, golf, play sports, or just sit under the stars and not be annoyed or bitten by mosquitoes, biting flies or gnats, ticks, fleas, chiggers, or no-see-ums! BuggSpray products have been carefully and specifically formulated to keep these bugs away from you and to smell good and feel good on your skin. By far, this is the best insect repellent product line I have seen. Anyone who has been avoiding the outdoors because of bugs will be happy to know this product line can be the difference for them.

Buggins Natural Deet-Free, plant based formula is nature’s way to shoo bugs! Buggins is different. It’s special. Buggins uses a blend of natural herbal repellents that work on a broad spectrum of annoying and blood feeding bugs, plus it smells great like rose, peppermint and vanilla. Buggins is one of the product line’s most popular products. No surprise because it works so well, especially against biting gnats!

Original BuggSpray is 25% Deet and comes fragrance free or with a clean scent that smells good. Fight off the same annoying bugs long term; mosquitoes, gnats, ticks, ankle-biting flies, horse and deer flies, black flies. The Clean Scent smells like baby powder or vanilla while the Biting Flies formula has extra ingredients to ward off larger biting flies.

That’s not all. BuggSlayer Brand concentrated Insect killers will assist you at home, at your business, cabin, anywhere you want to exterminate Box elder bugs, Asian Lady Beetles, ants, spiders, Japanese Beetles, June bugs, Stink bugs, and other crawling insects. These multi-purpose concentrated, ready-to-use formulas are made for your personal use and deliver phenomenal and long lasting results! For example, mixing BuggSlayer concentrate in early spring or late summer or fall will eliminate Box elder bugs and Asian Lady Beetles better than your do-it-yourself dish soap concoction. You will find the EPA Registered formula for use on building exteriors provides excellent control of box elder bugs from a treated surface for weeks without re-application. No need to spray daily anymore with soapy water. You’ll find BuggSlayer’s amazing formula parallels a professional pest control expert’s ability to terminate your home’s box elder bug problems.

I have used many of the popular bug spray brands, but have never seen an insect repellent product as skin-friendly as the BuggSpray Products or as effective and long-lasting as these are. These are definitely stand-out products. They’re special, not like other popular store brand bug sprays.

Bed bugs? BuggSlayer has a special Bed Bug killer, too! BuggSlayer’s odorless, non-staining, ready-to-use spray bottle Bed Bug Killer can be used on mattresses, carpet and upholstery. It is a do-it-yourself option to controlling bed bugs so you don’t have to call an exterminator. BuggSlayer has it under control for you!

Why is this stuff so good? Buggins, BuggSpray Products and the BuggSlayer Brand Bug Killers are part of a great Minnesota story! A scientist and chemical engineer, Brian Weekley, founded this brand and created Buggins, the Original BuggSpray Products and the BuggSlayer Multi-Purpose bug killers. He has the knowledge and formulations expertise to create formulas that will attack the nasty critter invaders effectively while at the same time, addressing the skin concerns many people share regarding the application of insect repellents or other bug spray brands to their skin. These great Bugg Products have evolved since 1994. As a result of years of research and consulting with experts in the pest control industry, the brands have evolved and been perfected as a great consumer product. They are safe, effective, and of course, are EPA Registered. Visit www.BuggSlayer.com to learn more.

Where can you get Buggins, the Original BuggSpray Products and the BuggSlayer Bug Killers? You can purchase these products online at the Bugg Store. You can purchase these products at many retail stores across Minnesota, as well as in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Ohio, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Currently, you can find these products at many Hardware stores, Hardware Hanks, Ace Hardware, Menards, Mills Fleet Farm, Walgreens, Walmart, and many Super Valu supplied grocery stores. See a more complete store list for stores near you. If you don’t see these products on your store’s shelves, simply find a manager and ask if they can stock it for you.

Managers are excited to stock this product, and many should be able to order it from their warehouses if you just ask for it. They are excited to order it because it sells off their shelves very quickly. So, if you are a general merchandise buyer, health and beauty aids buyer, or lawn and garden buyer and are not currently stocking this product line, you will want to be sure you are picking up these items and making ample room on your store shelves for them. Order in abundance because you will be surprised at how quickly they will move off your shelves. Display these items with a camping, golfing, sports, or outdoors theme. They are fitting for all of the above. Based on the order and re-order histories of these products from both the retail and wholesale levels, carrying this line of Insect Repellents has proven to be a winning profit center and a “hero” product the public is buzzing about and purchasing over and over again. New wholesale buyers can buy online or contact Bugg Products at 763-569-9800 to get set up as a new account.

When you’ve got something good, you know it! When talking with the founder of Bugg Products, Brian Weekley, he told me about a small drug store in a small town in Illinois who had placed an order for ten cases of Buggins. Before the order had reached the store, the store owner was calling to order more. Brian was confused at first and reminded her that her order would be there in two days. Her response was unexpected, but not completely surprising to Brian who has been selling his products since 1994. The shipment on its way was enough to take care of the list of customers who had already come in asking for the product. Once it came in, she would be out of stock too quickly, so she knew she needed to order a lot more. This is just one of many Buggins stories Brian had shared with me. Others reveal a similar story. When you’ve got something good, you just know it!

Here’s another thing I really love about these Bugg Killers! We live on a wooded property where spiders seem to think they are welcome to come inside when it’s cold outside. It doesn’t matter which family member finds a spider. It’s always scream-worthy and requires an absolute affirmative answer to “are you sure you got it” in order not to feel nervous about returning to the room where the spider was found. I am excited because now I can spray around the woodwork and perimeters of the lower and main levels of our house for spiders myself. My confidence in BuggSlayer to actually slay the spiders is making me worry-free about coming face to face with any non-friendly arthropods. I feel armed and ready and in control of eliminating the chances of detecting anymore dark spots on the wall or on the carpet! BuggSlayer rules! Arachnids drool!

Every now and then I come across a product I’ve never tried before that ends up being something really sensational! Buggins, Original BuggSpray and BuggSlayer Brands rank in that category. My recommendation to any buyers out there… if you’re already carrying this product, order more. You’ll sell it! If you’re a buyer and you’re not carrying the product, pick it up for your customer base. Place an initial order and then be ready to place another!

Here’s my prediction…. There are certain products that you can likely find in almost every American household. Products like Arm & Hammer Baking Soda, some sort of Campbell’s Soup, Duct Tape, Honey, WD-40, and a host of other must-have consumer products. The Bugg Product line works so well that in the not too far future, Buggins, Original BuggSpray and the BuggSlayer Brands will earn its way to that list of must-haves in our homes! You’ll not only want to make sure you’ve got your Buggins Spray Bottle at home. You’ll want one at the cabin, in your backpack, car, golf bag, etc.

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11 Dec '14

Does It Work: Buggins

Does it Work: Buggins
Posted: Jun 25, 2013 4:22 PM CDT
Updated: Jun 26, 2013 8:02 AM CDT
Laura Wibbenmeyer lwibbenmeyer@kfvs12.com

Buggins did keep the bugs off and flies in with a grade B on this Does It Work test.

“I usually have to use the leash and my hand to swat them away, but didn't have to do it once,” said Deb.

With gnats being a huge problem this summer, the product Buggins is getting a lot of buzz, but does it work?

“I have a little business called Run Your Tail Off and it's mainly walking dogs and some pet sitting,” said Deb Litzelfelner.

Deb Litzelfelner spends most of her day outside and when Mother Nature is your office there is one thing you can't avoid this year, gnats!

“You just can't get away from them,” said Deb. “You have to do this all day long.”

Deb says she hasn't found a great solution to these pesky gnats and her four legged clients don't seem thrilled either. The product Buggins looks like it could be the answer, it claims in bold to repel gnats and annoying flies.

“I like that it's deet free and it's natural,” said Deb. “It's not the preferable cologne you want to have, oh but if it works it's great.”

Vanilla mint and rose may not be Deb's scent of choice, but she generously sprays herself down anyway and takes off through the park. It doesn't take long to find the enemy, the gnats are here. After some more walking, it's time to see if this pest it still bugging her.

“I usually have to use the leash and my hand to swat them away, but didn't have to do it once,” said Deb.

Whoa, so far so good.

“It's not quite as gnatty as it has been, but I didn't swat any,” said Deb.

The good breeze may have something to do with the lower gnat population, but Buggins did seem to repel what was out there.

“I can smell that aroma anywhere I walk, so, if I went indoors I would certainly want to wash off,” said Deb.

Buggins did keep the bugs off and flies in with a grade B on this Does It Work test.