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Insect repellents that WORK and SMELL GOOD!

Buggins Natural Vanilla Mint & Rose (2x4 fl oz)

Buggins Natural Vanilla Mint & Rose (2x4 fl oz)

$ 12.00

Buggins® NATURAL is a pleasant-smelling fragrance spray that repels annoying black flies, deer flies, stable flies, no-see-ums and biting gnats including BUFFALO GNATS!

Suitable for both adults and children, this plant-based liquid has a unique aroma consisting of refreshing peppermint, garden roses and creamy vanilla. The soft, powdery vanilla notes are blended with four natural essential oils having insect repellent properties.

When there are just a few bugs and the power of DEET is not required, Buggins® provides relief from annoying insects. If you're just sitting around the patio / BBQ for an hour or so and don't want to put on oily "bug spray," this stuff is simply fantastic!


  • Plant-based active ingredients - geraniol, peppermint, lemongrass and clove
  • Mainly water, not alcohol or oil
  • DEET-free for people who don't want to use DEET or for little kids
  • Lasts up to 2 hours before re-application may be necessary
  • Does not need to be washed off
  • Buggins is not sticky or greasy
  • Two pack of 4 oz. bottles like the pair shown.