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Insect repellents that WORK and SMELL GOOD!

Buggspray Insect Repellent No Fragrance (2x4 fl oz)

Buggspray Insect Repellent No Fragrance (2x4 fl oz)

$ 12.00

Buggspray Insect Repellent for Biting Flies (No Fragrance) in our Tropic Packaging contains 25% DEET plus TWO EPA registered FLY REPELLENTS. This composite formula effectively repels: stable flies (ankle-biters), no-see-ums, deer flies, horse flies, & black flies (biting gnats or buffalo gnats)!


  • 25% DEET + 5.0% MGK 264 + 2.5% MGK 326
  • This repellent is EPA registered to claim "Repels mosquitoes that may transmit West Nile Virus, encephalitis, or dengue fever"
  • For use when the biting flies get THICK or if you are especially susceptible to mosquito bites
  • No fragrance formula
  • Two pack of 4 oz. bottles like the pair shown above.